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Born in Cambridge, England, my fascination with the photography process began in my early teens when my father gave me a vintage film camera to experiment with! Learning all the various dials and knobs to adjust exposure and focus, looking through the viewfinder at the world around me, and then seeing the results of my endeavours when the developed film was returned, forever caught my imagination .... I was hooked!

I studied Art and History of Art at Cambridge Colleges and a further 2 year Diploma course in photography in Leeds, UK graduating with distinction in 1983.

After college in Cambridge, I managed a photo studio that specialized in weddings and portraits, with a considerable amount of social event photography connected with the world famous Cambridge University!

In 1986 I moved to the USA, and continued working with photography companies in Florida, whilst gaining experience in more commercial types of photography.

The transition to digital photography presented new challenges and learning curves, though the basics of photography, remained consistent to my creative vision.

After more than twenty five years of being a professional photographer, I feel that my well honed skills and experience in several genres of photography, such as social & corporate events, portraiture, journalistic style documentary, and commercial photography, can be successfully drawn upon and delivered to the client for any given assignment.

Corporate event photography work demands the expertise and experience as any other assignment, particularly when you have multiple photographers covering simultaneous events over several days. I feel fortunate to have several associate photographers that I can trust to provide back up or work alongside with when a team of photographers is required.

Every event we photograph, we pride ourselves on delivering creative high quality photography, with a post production workflow that includes editing and optimizing each and every image we deliver. All images are immediately backed up to external hard drives for secure archival and we deliver to you all high resolution images on a USB thumb drive as well as Dropbox links for immediate viewing/sharing and downloading.

Equally important, a professional appearance, being punctual, and having a positive, upbeat attitude included at no extra charge!



In todays image conscious world, having a professional headshot or portrait always ensures a positive first impression!

As you can see from my website samples, I have experience in a diverse range of settings suitable for any application, such as LinkedIn profile headshots, company websites, PR, and images for company annual reports. Professional Business headshots on location have kept me busy, serving clients all over South Florida, from the Palm Beaches to Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

I can travel to your location, set up my studio in 30 minutes (usually in a boardroom or any space that I have a clear 8-10 feet back from the subject), and photograph multiple staff members or even set up just for one person. For one person it's possible to get a great useable shot in just a couple minutes ... providing the sitter is camera ready!

If you prefer a studio shoot in Fort Lauderdale, I can accomodate that as well, depending upon dates and studio availability.

Selections to be retouched from the approx 20 photos taken, are at your convenience after receiving a folder link via Dropbox the next day. You may also pick your favorite shot immediately after the shoot, by viewing them on my iPad.

Best of all, my prices are extremely competive! (please call or email for details)

I welcome all inquiries for any photography requirements that you may have, be it Corporate Events & Meetings, Business Headshots/portraits, Editorial Portraits, Annual Report Photography, Portrait Stations with on site printing, or commercial/advertising assignments in South Florida and beyond.


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